The Old Factory Escape

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The old factory have been lost through time and the weather is starting to erode it to the ground. The location of the place is just near the suburban area but because the path is covered with weeds and vegetation, nobody dares go there for they are scared of dangerous wildlife hiding under the bush along the way. That day though, somebody actually had some courage and that person was Rowel. Years ago, Rowel accidentally found the place while he was flying his drone, until then he planned to go there and explore it but funding was scarce so he only was able to go to the place a few years later.

Rowel went through the brush with his trusty machete and as easily as that, he was able to enter the old factory then! The interior there was actually pretty big and pretty scary. Rowel went deeper into the place to get some more footage and interesting things to find, but then at some point though he thought he might have made a wrong turn through the old rusty pipes, for he thinks he got pretty lost in there! Rowel is of course not in a good situation for there will be no help coming and his constant movement might make something give and that could possibly injure him. He needs to escape quickly now so escape players, how will you be able to solve this if you are faced with the same situation as Rowel’s?

The Old Factory Escape is the newest point and click rusty place escape game created by 365 Escape.

Walkthrough video for The Old Factory Escape


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