The Lost Key (365 Escape)

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The luxurious house here has a lot of history through the centuries and it still stands on its property up to the present day. People who takes-care of the place only does renovations from time to time and that is why it looks modern and good. The place’s origins is that it was once belonged to a royalty who visited the country for a vacation and they built that house as a place to stay when they visit, but it got neglected for 20 years until it was preserved by the government to make it look better. The house needs a monthly check-up and as a person who has a job just to do that, Christopher was in the premises for the check.

Ever since he set-foot in the place, he always has this weird vibe and from then it always had been but he got used to it eventually. That day however, something else happened and that’s absolutely new, well it’s a bad thing however. All of the doors in the house could not be opened no more and the keys for those had gone missing! This is sounding like a prank but it couldn’t be, for he had the keys with him the entire time. Must’ve been a prank from the afterlife! Escape players, Christopher needs help to escape here right-now for this is scaring him now and he doesn’t want to get even more bad vibes from the place. Place yourself on the shoes of Christopher and find your way out and carefully too, for you might break something or worst.

The Lost Key is the newest point and click indoor escape game from 365 Escape.

Walkthrough video for The Lost Key (365 Escape)


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