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Home Restaurant Escape

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The home-like restaurant here is just like a cafe made entirely of traditional wood and it is one of the most ambient shops in the district's restaurant block. Aileen is proud to work there for the job is not so heavy thanks to how cool the place was, students would come and work on their school stuff at the coffee-tables and on ground-floor, other customers would sit and dine in the afternoons. Things were cool most of the time, but one early morning however when Aileen was the first one in preparing what they need for the day, something came-up and that brought Aileen a problem.

She was about to open as scheduled but when she tried to open the main-door, it was strange for it wouldn't open no matter how she tried, so she tried the back-door and it too wouldn't budge! That's where she became really concerned for something might be too simple is going-on here and if she doesn't solve it soon, then her boss might scold her. Aileen needs to figure-out what's going-on here and maybe find a way out, will you help her out escape players on this problem? Place yourself on her shoes then, find your way out of the restaurant and with haste.

Home Restaurant Escape is a brand new point and click shop escape game from Ekey Games.

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