White Wood House Escape Game

White Wood House Escape

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Anthony just got himself a new home and it's not just a simple and classic family house, for it was a big and luxurious place which he worked hard just to get. As Anthony got the place, there was nothing to change there for the wooden designs are all good especially the color which he likes, white. Anthony finally has one box checked in his to-do list for his entire life, he even planned to hold a party there later in the week but well as he goes through the days however preparing things, something happened which stopped everything and it was pretty weird for him.

Suddenly, all the doors became locked in the place and it's strange for he just used them when he was taking his party goods in. This cannot be a prank surely, for only his friends that are not pranksters who knew about his new place, this could potentially be a legit problem. Escape players, Anthony doesn't know what to make of this, but he surely wants to solve this now before it becomes serious. Care to join him on this escape and see if you're all able to get yourselves out of the luxurious house?

White Wood House Escape is a brand new point and click indoor escape game from Ekey Games.

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