Puzzle Door Escape (Ekey Games) Game

Puzzle Door Escape (Ekey Games)
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Check-out the escape challenge here through some numerous locked-doors! Puzzle Door Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game from Ekey Games. Have fun!

The puzzle door challenge here is actually some sort of apartment and if one wanted to try the challenge, he or she must successfully open 10 doors and the escape from the place shall be paved open then. Well the info was enough for Charm to get curious of the escape rooms and in no-time upon knowing about the place, she is now in the first challenge of the huge puzzle obstacle here. Charm thought that this was going to be easy, well potentially at first but wait until she gets to the middle of this.

Charm must now begin her escape from the first room for there is no turning-back now, once the challenge begins the only way out is solving all of it until the end. Escape players, curious enough to join Charm here on the first of ten door escapes which she needs to go through now? If so then go ahead then, use your skills and logic on these ones and may you successfully escape through all of it. Good luck and stay alert too for you don't know what kinds of things are in there to stop you on your tracks. Enjoy!

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