Escape From Cemetery

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The really old cemetery stretches back to a time when the first motor engines have just been invented, which means it is very old and that includes the old house that stands in the middle of it and it’s very creepy-looking. Matt knew very well not to go there especially after dark, but his friends have influenced him already to become curious because of their stories of the place, that’s why Matt did one of the most foolish and at the same time brave decisions in his life, and that is to go there in the dead of night!

Matt made it passed through the woods which was a prerequisite to pass first before anybody can reach the place, it was a pleasant night and luckily the moon was bright and full, it shines on everything there, it still adds on to the creepiness. Matt stood in the middle of the cemetery looking around and slowly the creepiness started to climb all the way from his feet up to his neck, now he is starting to feel really vulnerable. Matt decided to leave then for it seems that the wind is not so breezy for him anymore, but then he panicked and got lost! Matt’s heartbeat is starting to raise for he can’t seem to get the right path anymore that will lead him out of there, looks like he needs your help escape players. Come and try this one then, see if you are courageous enough to take this creepy escape challenge on.

Escape From Cemetery is a brand new point and click dark place escape game from Top 10 New Games.