Thanksgiving Farm House Escape Game

Thanksgiving Farm House Escape
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Thanksgiving Farm House Escape is a brand new point and click farm escape game from Fun Escape Games. Enjoy this adventure here in the big old farm!

It's the first time that the family decided to hold the party at the farm aside from Chester's residence, it's going to be different and extra fun for this had never happened before. So that day Chester roamed around the farm so he can decide what can be done there, where the food will be, what activities will be going-on, and check if everything there is still safe to use especially the old houses. They're lucky that Chester has free-time here, but for him however luck was unfortunately not on his side for as he took a look around the area, he got lost in the place!

Because the vegetation there are already tall and most of it had covered the path, that got Chester in-trouble and he can only use the sun as well as the landmarks there to return back. Seems like an unreliable source for a hint but that's those are the only things Chester can use here, he must pass through tall grass and get to where he is suppose to be before the sun goes down. Escape players, Chester can't do this on his own though, he is going to need some help and that'll be coming from you. Join him here and may you all escape the place and hopefully with positivity, for this farm will still be used as the venue for the party. Good luck!

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