Ready To Thanksgiving Party Game

Ready To Thanksgiving Party

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Ready To Thanksgiving Party is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game from WoW Escape. Have fun on this adventure here where you are to rescue a bunch of animals from somewhere.

One would expect that only humans has a thanksgiving party, but actually there was for animals and it will be located in a land far away from humans. But that doesn't mean however that no human knows about this, as an only human who got lost in such a place alone, Tommy knows about the animals there and they are weird, far from a typical animal that people knows. Of course he was also invited to the fun but as he was heading there however, he noticed something inside one of the animal's houses and it was somehow crowded. Tommy took a peek and there he found that a ton of animals are actually trapped in there!

Tommy had no idea what happened to them, but surely the place that they are in is not the venue for the party. Escape players, Tommy had already tried the door of the house and it's not working, the animals behind the door are of no help too for they are struggling instead of finding a way out. Well they are still animals so their instincts always comes first. Join Tommy here everyone, try your full best to get the door opened so that every animal in the place can go to the party. Good luck!


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