Thanksgiving Fairytale Turkey Escape Game

Thanksgiving Fairytale Turkey Escape

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The turkeys here in the fairytale wilderness are not so typical, for they are more than just colors there and size. Thanksgiving Fairytale Turkey Escape is another new point and click animal rescue escape game made by Games 2 Rule.

It's thanksgiving that day and you wanted to spend it by venturing into the secret fairy-tale forest which only a few people knows. The place can get pretty dark even the day and sometimes it has a mind of its own. It loves to lure people in and bring illusions to them so they will never leave and stay in the place forever! The forest also keeps-up with some human occasions and for the season, turkeys would appear here and there in the place, it really relates to thanksgiving which people celebrates every year.

You are now going through the path less traveled, for the place is of course a secret. You wanted to befriend the forest for you know it has some sort of consciousness and at a certain point in your adventure, what do you know, the place really tested you. Along the path, you saw a turkey and somehow it is trapped in something which looks man-made. This might be a first test for you so, what would you do? Save the trapped turkey right there, or leave it and consider this thing as an illusion? Well you wouldn't know if things are an illusion in the place for all you know, everything is an illusion here. Escape players, come and try this rescue in a place hidden from people.

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