Thanksgiving Asylum Escape Game

Thanksgiving Asylum Escape

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Thanksgiving Asylum Escape is the newest point and click building escape game created by Fun Escape Games. Best of luck to you on this daring escape!

The asylum nearby had just recently got abandoned like 5 years ago and from then on, the place had not been visited anymore and nature is starting to grow in it. Joe lives near the place and he thought maybe he can find something in there which he can use or something, so he entered in it and he swears, he can still hear distant screams which sounds kind of real! That brings in the scariness of the place but still, Joe did not turn around however, but still continued on his adventure in the place. Well that is going to prove bad however, for because the halls and rooms here are spaciously distant, that got him lost in there!

Joe could not distinguish where to go now, for even though he is seeing signs to where he was going, it proved less helpful for he doesn't really know the place. Joe is getting less and less interested of the place, soon the sun will go down and that will make this adventure an absolute misadventure! Escape players, want to join in this escape adventure here from a once populated hospital for the mentally ill? Place yourself on Joe's situation then, good luck and make haste.

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