Farmer Cottage House Escape Game

Farmer Cottage House Escape

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Farmer Cottage House Escape is a brand new point and click indoor escape game from 8b Games for more dose of fun escapes from a beautiful house. Enjoy!

Marie was no longer a guest of the farmer's cottage house, for she had bought it at a fair price for the farmer needed money to maintain his produce. It's the same house everyone was talking about and most of them said it is a place you really would not expect. What everyone can see from the outside was a simple cottage but when one enters inside it, the house was luxurious in the style of old! Marie was pretty lucky that she finally has the place for she had been trying to get it ever since, well she has it now but little did she know though that the abode has this little secret.

Marie was one day trying to fix the place up and things seems to be okay until, she got trapped inside it mysteriously. At first she thought it was normal and doors jamming are a part of the place for it is kind of old, but what can she think of when all of the doors in there are locked! That's the house's little secret, and now Marie is right in the middle of it while it was happening. Escape players, Marie is just as confused as you are, but would you still join in the escape here and see if you can help her escape? Go ahead then and good luck!

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