Dangerous Virus Prevention Game

Dangerous Virus Prevention

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Escape players, try this daring adventure here and be quick! Dangerous Virus Prevention is another new point and click item retrieval escape game made by Mirchigames. Good luck!

There is no time to waist now, the room where a very dangerous virus is being kept for transport is being surrounded by them bad guys and Samuel is the last person standing guard for it. He has no idea what kind of virus is there, it could be pathogenic and deadly or it can be as simple as a computer virus, he doesn't really know, all he knows that he needs to protect it from the wrong hands and that's for the sake of humankind. It has come to a point that he can no longer protect it however, there is only one way to get this done, and that is he'll have to destroy it.

One doesn't know not even Samuel of how much horror this virus can create if utilized in the wrong way, that's why he'll have to get rid of it before the bad guys enter this last protective room. Escape players, Samuel here has a very important mission and it could mean the survival of the entire human race and probably even the rest of the creatures of the world! Care to join in with him on his mission and be the hero? Go ahead then, move like a ninja to get this over with quickly. Have fun!

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