Terrible Halloween Candy Escape Game

Terrible Halloween Candy Escape

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People in the neighborhood have been given a task to find something sweet in the dark cemetery as well as in the forest nearby on the eve of Halloween! People were like, that is a crazy thing to accept but they have been told by that traveler who relayed the task that the rewards in finding it are going to be sweet. Who knows what kind of sweet that is, it could be cake or a heap of candy and some of the residents in the town are really interested in the task, that includes Harry who has a strong will to accept it.

Harry asked the traveler where they should begin though? What was the ultimate price after completing the task? Is it possible to do it some other time like after Halloween or daybreak? The traveler did not answer some of the questions but he said it must be done that same evening on Halloween for afterwards, the task will stop and is will begin again next Halloween. So it only occurs during Halloween, it seems fair so that evening along with a few friends, Harry will see if they can complete it. Escape players, Harry here is definitely going to need some help for he and his team are just kids and a lot can go wrong if they somehow make a mistake. Will you help them out on this quest? For they won't really stop at anything now.

Terrible Halloween Candy Escape is the newest point and click scary retrieval escape game from Games 2 Rule.

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