Ski Trip Escape Game

Ski Trip Escape

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Olive and her group of friends went to their long planned polar adventure and for the trip, they will do everything on their itinerary so that they'll really enjoy this activity of theirs. The entire gang have already went through three days of their week-long adventure in the icy wilderness, but on the fourth day however Olive woke-up to something which she didn't expect to find. Olive found nobody with her in the luxurious lounge they were staying in and there were no sign of any of them! None of their things can be found too and it's just weird for they didn't just abandon her there, and if this is a prank then this is really something for it's too cold to even think of a prank or something.

Olive went around the lounge and even outside, her friends were nowhere to be found and it's really weird for there were no signs for even just one of them. Olive wanted to stay at first but she knows nothing will happen if she does, she needs help there so the first thing she wanted to do is to find more clues and signs which can point her to her friends. She really prays that this is just a prank for it's much better than a real problem. Escape players, come and help Olive here with her strange problem at one of the coldest parts of the world.

Ski Trip Escape is a brand new point and click cold escape game released by Selfdefiant.

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