Teenage Girl Club Escape Game

Teenage Girl Club Escape

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This was your first time in a club. You were always curious about it. However, you never dared enter one. You saw some scenes in the movies and dramas about clubs and you couldn't imagine yourself being in one. It was not your type of place to hang out in. But your friends wanted to celebrate your get together there. You didn't want to ruin their celebration. So you agreed to be there. It would be an experience for you as well. You got your mind to just be chill with it. But then you remembered your outfit. Your closet didn't really have any clubbing outfit. This made you get out of your house and into the mall to find one that would make you look good and comfortable. While looking through the clothes, you saw a girl who smiled at you. You smiled back.

Your friends pick you up at around 7 pm. The club looked like it was from the movies. You slightly shook your head but went inside with a smile. A familiar face passed by and you remembered she was the girl from the store. Later on you saw the girl entering a room. You waited for her to get out to talk to her while your friends were out dancing. However, she didn't get out. Play Teenage Girl Club Escape room escape game by Games 2 Rule.

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    Panic! at the disco

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