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Discover The Suitcase

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You were a coward when you were little. You wouldn't go to any place alone. Your sister or someone you knew should always accompany you. You didn't even like sleeping in your room alone. Your parents always had to wait for you to go to sleep before leaving you. Everything was fine if you wouldn't wake up in the middle of the night. Because if you would, then your parents had to stay up a little to wait for you to sleep. Or you would sleep with them for the night. They totally understood you. Although they still would have wanted for you to be braver. Then one day, you just became braver. You asked your parents to let you go to some places alone. And sleeping alone in your room wasn't a problem anymore. You didn't know how all of this happened as well.

Your friends started to rely on you a lot. They were all easily scared and you were like the statue that wouldn't move no matter how scary the situation got. So they asked you a favor to find a suitcase inside a horror house. Your friend would be in trouble if he couldn't return the suitcase. Play Discover The Suitcase room escape game by Top 10 New Games.

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