Tech Modern Class Room

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Wade is studying together with his genius classmates here in the school of science and technology in the city, he is not the best in the room but he is still considered as smart. That day when Wade was alone in the classroom trying to fix a project, something happened with the circuitry in the door there and now it would not open anymore!

Wade have no idea what happened, but he is not going to just let this happen to him here for all he knows, this could be a prank from his classmates. If so, then he can play their game and he will even excel from it. Escape players, it is still very much a mystery for Wade here what is happening, but will you help him with this though? Assist him in finding some things that can tinker with the circuits here.

Tech Modern Class Room is another new point-and-click room escape game made by WoW Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Tech Modern Class Room

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