Swimmer Crab Rescue

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Carrie knows about her cage in her house and it’s not being used and have not been for a while, but something happened though and this cage was forced to being used.
What Carrie’s cage did that day was capturing this crab! It was weird looking but Carrie knows that the sea near her home is a really weird place, so she is going to just set this animal free back to the ocean and ignore the fact that this crab has a snorkeling gear on! Escape players, Carrie needs to get-on with her day here and this crab is taking her time at the moment. Want to help her free this creature then so it can be done much quicker? Find things in the rooms here then that can help.
Swimmer Crab Rescue is a new point-and-click animal escape game developed by Games 2 Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Swimmer Crab Rescue

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