Blue Crab Sea Shell Escape

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Island life here is definitely a luxury for Connor, he was happy that he chose to live there after he worked all his life in the city, now it’s time for nature for the rest of his life! The area where Connor lives which was a rocky island has very few problems, but there are still problems only cruder and simpler, it could either be for him or to some other things there, like today he found a really rare crab there and right-now it is trapped in the conch trap there which Connor made to catch crabs.

Connor have never seen their species here, he thought it could be a typical crab there but its color is only mutated. As he took a look at it he decided to finally rescue this crab rather than serving it for tonight, this one needs to live for another day for this blue crab here is rare because he doesn’t see them in this place. Escape players, want to help Connor here free the blue crab so it can be safely led out and also he won’t get pinched?

Blue Crab Sea Shell Escape is a new animal rescue escape game developed by Games 2 Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Blue Crab Sea Shell Escape

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