Suzzy Escape For Sea Skating

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This house where you and your lover Suzzy lives is very near the ocean, well she likes to surf and because of that daily practice of hers at the beach, she became quite a master of the sport. She is even up for this year’s surfing competition, and that’s why she needs to practice more to win. For you however, you are just at home supporting your girlfriend by preparing food when she comes home and sometimes you would bring it to the beach. But that day she will be coming home and you are preparing. But weirdly though, something was up with the front-door and it’s getting your full attention.

You have been trying to tinker with the door for a few minutes, gathering random items around the rooms to fix it, and now Suzzy finally arrives and she couldn’t open it on her side as well! This door is busted definitely, but you cannot just let this be though. Escape players, you are in the situation here now and opening the door is a must so that Suzzy can enter. Will you be able to solve this by fixing the problem with it then?

Suzzy Escape For Sea Skating is a brand new point-and-click indoor escape game from Games 2 Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Suzzy Escape For Sea Skating

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