Surreal World Escape

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Burton have a little extra time that day, so he decided to maybe go a little off the path in the wilderness where he passes everyday just to get home. He took a path he had never taken before but he knows the ending of it which is in the plains where a lake is. He had never been to the lake before, that’s because he is busy most of the time that he didn’t have the opportunity to go there, now he does and it’s going to be an adventure!

Burton managed to get to the lake and the view there was absolutely beautiful! Almost surreal to him even. Okay, the sun is slowly going down and it’s now time to head home before the path gets dark here, well little did he know getting out of there won’t exactly be easy. Burton is not too familiar with the area, and that alone got him lost there and now he doesn’t know where to pass! Burton is in serious trouble here now for this is the wilderness and there is no other help there for miles if he gets too lost or injured. He needs help here definitely and the only ones he’ll get is from you escape players, will you be able to give that to Burton so he can get home safely?

Surreal World Escape is the newest point and click wilderness escape game from Games 2 Rule.

Walkthrough video for Surreal World Escape


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