White Hat Orange Man Escape

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The orange man with a white hat is not really human, he is literally an orange! But Andrew who was his partner and is a human doesn’t really see this as different to him anymore, for they have been partners for a long time now and at the moment they are currently in a mission. The orange man which is his codename obviously, was suppose to relay Andrew an important message but hours passed and still his partner is nowhere to be found, Andrew is starting to worry then to the point he moved from his post to search for him.

Andrew covered the path where his partner is suppose to pass, that ultimately led him to some houses in the forest and it was weird for he never expected to find cabins there, but when Andrew checked them he was shocked as to what he had discovered. His partner was trapped inside one of the houses there and was even caged! Looks like somebody is on to them here, but he cannot just leave his partner now, he needs to rescue him as quickly as possible. Escape players, come and help Andrew here so he can get his partner the orange man out of the cage and the house quickly. Use your skills and logic on this so that this can be solved before somebody comes.

White Hat Orange Man Escape is a brand new point and click indoor rescue escape game from Games 2 Jolly.

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Walkthrough video for White Hat Orange Man Escape

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