Psycho Snowman Escape

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Colby went to her friend’s house for they were planning to go that day with other friends and the meet-up place is there. Well little did she know there will be a problem there and her friend currently needs help! Colby went inside the house and her friend told her to be quiet and slow, for something entered his house and now it seems to be trapped in a room there. Colby heard of some series of stories lately in their area about this mysterious snowman-like creature going inside houses and creating havoc in it! It was strange stories which she can’t totally believe, but she doesn’t totally trash those though. This could be one of it and it’s very likely that it is, for her friend looked very uneasy. Hopefully it isn’t, said Colby to herself.

Okay then escape players, Colby here is going to try and open the locked door there which his friend could not budge open and find-out what’s behind it. Want to help Colby here then and see what is really in that room now and just free it?

Psycho Snowman Escape is another new point and click indoor escape game made by 8b Games.

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Walkthrough video for Psycho Snowman Escape

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