Supervillain Joker Escape

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Your subordinate the Joker just got captured and now he needs help! You need to get him back and that will not be easy, for the one who caught him is non other than the Batman himself! He is already pretty smart for you and this is looking like a trap already, but nobody will come to help him here now if you don’t choose to assist. And who knows what will happen to him next if he continues to get trapped there in a room in some random house set by the Batman.

Rescuing him is sounding both like a bad idea and a good one, but in the end you are only given one choice, and that is to get him back, you only have to execute this correctly or end-up being a captured one there too. Escape players, you are now a villain here and rescuing the Joker is your task to complete. Will you be able to get your crazy on and take this task with courage and hoping that all will be okay then? Go ahead and be ready, for the Batman is your enemy here and that is already spelling a not good of a situation.

Supervillain Joker Escape is a brand new point and click indoor rescue escape game from 8b Games.

Walkthrough video for Supervillain Joker Escape


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