Style Brick House Escape

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The brick house is an old place located outside of town and the structure is cruder than everything else there. It is said that the place has a history trapping people inside for reasons still unclear, but their theory is because a lot of strange doors are there and it just confuses them. John was not convinced with that though, he really thinks something paranormal is happening there and he went to the place that day just to uncover what makes it tick.

And so, John is inside the so-called brick house and everything was kind of normal there, there were some caged doors as well as some normal doors, the walls were very strong and there were random items there just sitting around. John continued his journey inside for he still haven’t seen anything interesting in there let alone uncover the secrets of the place. But little did he know he was spiraling to the thing he was looking for and he realized that when it happened! John is now trapped in the house and he could no longer get out! He is both lost and trapped for the doors there are locked and confusing. Okay now, he cannot stay there anymore for this is now clearly something potentially dangerous, he fears that something more might happen and he will definitely face that head on. Escape players, want to help John here escape by making use of the random items you can find there in the place?

Style Brick House Escape is another new point and click indoor escape game made by Games 2 Jolly.

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Walkthrough video for Style Brick House Escape

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