Brick House Escape (365 Escape)

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Lindon woke-up and found himself in a different house! Where is he? The first thing he saw were brick walls and he thought, he didn’t have that in his house. Lindon collected himself and then called for help, but weirdly though nobody is responding in the rooms here and that’s just adds to the mystery.

Lindon really tried to remember what could have happened last night, but he can’t recall anything other than he slept in his room. Something out of this world might be happening here to him? Well if that’s the case, then he needs to leave this place for this is driving him nuts. Escape players, Lindon also seems to be having a problem in getting himself out of the place. Want to help him then so he can finally relax himself outside?

Brick House Escape is another new point-and-click indoor escape game made by 365 Escape.

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Walkthrough video for Brick House Escape (365 Escape)

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