Stunning Boy Escape

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In the apartment, Cynthia knows everybody in the building and she knows who she’ll make friends with or stay away from. One day, she decided to visit her friend whom everyone calls pretty boy and he also lives in the apartment where Cynthia was. But as she arrived at their room however, she realized that the door is open which was not typical at all, nobody should let their doors open at random times of the day. So Cynthia enters and tried to look around, it was then she heard the call for help from her friend’s room and she thought then what happened to him? Where was his parents? Cynthia is confused at the same time concerned for his friend is trapped and nobody can help him.

Cynthia is going to help his friend of course, escape players will you help her on this mysterious problem here specifically with her small friend who was known in the building as pretty boy? Place yourself on the shoes of Cynthia here then, use everything you can find to pry the door open and carefully too, for you don’t want to destroy anything.

Stunning Boy Escape is the newest point and click indoor rescue escape game from 8b Games.