Meerkat Escape

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Jeremiah’s mother and sister is about to leave for they have to bring their family pet which was a meerkat to the vet. But unfortunately though, the little guy is not making it easy for all of them, for somehow it knows it is going to be brought to the vet again and that is its worst nightmare. That’s why it keeps running around the place and not allowing anybody to catch it! Jeremiah is going to have to get the critter now for they don’t have all day here.

Jeremiah is going to need a little help here now, for it seems that the meerkat is going to need a little rescue, for it escaped so much from his grasp and chasing that it ended-up trapped in one of the small houses there near their home! Escape players, will you give Jeremiah here a hand so he can get their pet out to the vet and get on with the day? Go ahead then, use every tool you can find to open the now locked door or just manipulate it until it finally opens.

Meerkat Escape is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game from Games 2 Jolly.

Walkthrough video for Meerkat Escape


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