Brown Cave Escape

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In the red forest which was already a strange place, somewhere in it is a mysterious cave which was called the brown cave and it’s not named as such for nothing, it’s literally entirely brown in color down there. Inside that cave however, not only natural structures can be found, there are man-made cages and traps in the walls which was mysterious for this wilderness is quite far, who would put traps and contraptions down there in such a distant and remote place? Well there is only one way to at least get a clue about it, and as a curious adventurer, William decided to enter the cave to find-out!

William have already mustered the strength to enter the cave now, that’s because he had been circling the stretch of wilderness that surrounds it and after a long time of surveying which lasted for months, it is now time to enter the cave to find-out more about it. Escape players, William is going to enter the cave and he has a rule when he does, if ever he feels lost down there, he must not hesitate to turn back just to ensure his safety. He can always come down there again with company, but if he gets lost there and it so happens his luck isn’t on his side, then he’ll never see the light of day again and that’s scary. Will you help William here on this journey of his in the cave and see what you can find?

Brown Cave Escape is a brand new point and click underground escape game from 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.

Walkthrough video for Brown Cave Escape


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