Strawberry Farm Fairy Escape Game

Strawberry Farm Fairy Escape

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Lou found-out something quite spooky in the strawberry garden and why the place is really blossoming with the red berries, well that's because the place is enchanted and there is a fairy there that is making things well! Lou have no idea about that but he was told by the owner before and he didn't believe, he only finally believed when he saw the fairy himself in the middle of the night sprinkling some things on the plants and that is making them grow! From then he keeps that a secret and doesn't let anybody go there in the dead of night for that is the only time the fairy is giving the plants some magical nourishment. One day however, Lou came across a problem concerning the fairy and it's the first time that such had ever happened!

The fairy just got captured by something and it was definitely out of Lou's league for he had never experienced something like this which means, he is not really ready! Still, Lou must rescue that fairy as best as he can for not only the farm won't be able to survive like the current days for the land is not really fertile, it might fall into the wrong hands! Escape players, Lou doesn't know if the nature of this problem is either man-made or magical, but will you still lend him a hand to Lou though so the fairy can be safe in them where it lives?

Strawberry Farm Fairy Escape is a brand new point and click escape game from Big Escape Games.

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