Spooky Forest Escape (Big Escape Games)

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Trekking is your favorite thing to do and the forest is the best place to do it. You always come here for an adventure. You usually come at morning but since you had to do an errand this morning, you came here at night time. This forest looks so different at night. It is so far from it’s peaceful aura in the morning. In fact, it looks really spooky and you just want to leave quickly. However, the path is not as clear just like when the sun is up. Now, you have to look for clues that can help you to find the right way out. That not an easy thing to do because it is dark. There are also puzzles that will try to block your way on this forest.

On the good note, there are items in here that you can pick up. Those objects can be very useful for your escape plan so you have to collect everything. Your hair rises every minute that you are here so you have to escape as fast as you can. Spooky Forest Escape (Big Escape Games) is a brand new outdoor escape game by Big Escape Games. Best of luck!