Strange Crocodile Forest Escape

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Chloe thought it’s just going to be a fun adventure in the grounds of the crocodile infested area, it’s actually once a forested area but most of it had been turned into a garden. And just when people thought the crocodiles would leave when they cleared the area, nature still held its ground for the crocodiles didn’t leave and were even at home in the newly created place! Unfortunately though as Chloe was in the area, the crocodiles basking in various corners was a huge factor to get her lost! And from then her adventure there was not becoming too easy.

Chloe kept on moving still just to find her way back for she really can’t stay there and the longer she stays the dangerous this situation gets. Her parents are both going to be mad at her for she was never suppose to go there without anybody with her especially them! But she was the kind that was always curious so she did it for the purpose of discovery. Escape players, her pursuit for discovery here have become a great misadventure now, will you help her escape while there is still light and every crocodile is still visible?

Strange Crocodile Forest Escape is a brand new point and click outdoors escape game from Games 2 Rule.

Walkthrough video for Strange Crocodile Forest Escape


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