Crocodile Waterfalls Forest Escape

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Deep in this forest, there is a pool of water where a waterfall is, according to the stories there are huge crocodiles there and for some that is just ridiculous, for not only there are no crocodiles in this place, but huge ones cannot survive here thanks to the constantly shallow water which puts such reptiles in a disadvantage. But Roswell is amazed with that though, for if those stories are true then this place is definitely enchanted. So he sets-off that day to discover the place and its secrets.

Roswell went through the place for hours and he sees no crocodiles there even when he saw a lot of pools where waterfalls were. Maybe he should just quit? When those thoughts entered his mind though, all of the crocodiles hidden in the water emerged and that absolutely startled Roswell to his core! This was interesting definitely, but Roswell is too shaken here right-now, he needs to get out of there and maybe he’ll return again once he is ready. Escape players, will you help Roswell here escape as quickly as possible before he faints or something?

Crocodile Waterfalls Forest Escape is another new point-and-click wilderness escape game made by Big Escape Games.

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Walkthrough video for Crocodile Waterfalls Forest Escape

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