Stone Prison Escape Game

Stone Prison Escape

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Beneath the lone house in the wilderness, there was actually a prison beneath it made of stone! That's why it had been sturdy throughout the years and it lasted, it was also hidden very well for nobody would expect that a prison would be there beneath a normal house. People could not dig into it too for the stone walls are meters thick and people who would try to break out of there couldn't, and breaking in will be very close to impossible. That was centuries ago though and nowadays, the place seems to be just for history. In fact that day Noemi went there to see the place for herself, she expected it to be interesting and it will be, but little did she know she'll get in a little bit of a problem there and that alone is definitely something.

Noemi roamed around the rooms and there is really nothing much to see there for it were mostly empty. But even then it was enough to get her lost for actually, it was like a maze in there! Noemi is lost in the rooms there and as hard as she tried, she kept bumping into doors that are locked. Escape players, imagine you are Noemi here and she is currently having quite a problem there right-now, will you be able to escape successfully though if you take the challenge? Or get lost in there even more?

Stone Prison Escape is the newest point and click escape game from Games 2 Live.

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