Stone Courtyard House Game

Stone Courtyard House

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The house which Vince is now living in is entirely made of stone taken from the mountains nearby, they were polished and some of the fixtures are made from marble which came from the same mountain the stones are from. The construction of the place was very ambitious, but with a ton of funds and elbow grease, the place was finally finished and Vince is now stable there. Decorations for the place have also been placed, now the house looks more luxurious and is very near to Vince's preference. But as he did everything that he can to make the house even more fancy, the house itself has something for him however but Vince is surely not going to like it.

Vince was about to leave the house for a moment for he needs to buy extra fixtures of the place just in case if something breaks down, but it seems that the house doesn't want him out for he could no longer open his doors but that's not all, for it's not just one door but all of his doors in the house! Vince have no idea what's going-on in his house for he knows he didn't install anything that can create such a situation, but he is the master of the house here and whatever the problem is no matter what, he needs to solve it for he had wasted a lot of time, effort, and money for this place. Escape players, want to help Vince here escape his house while the situation is still easily solvable?

Stone Courtyard House is another new point and click indoor escape game made by Fun Escape Games.

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