Forest Mice Escape Game

Forest Mice Escape

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Your home was also the home of only a few of the now critically endangered species of mice and you are not really trying to sell them, but actually you are trying to increase their numbers so that there will be more of them in the wild. You are the only one who is seeing that, but for the rest of your neighbors however, not exactly for they only want profit and something that they can gain. That's why you are protecting your rare mice for they are hard to find now and if somebody sees them then they are in real danger. Unfortunately somebody did spot them and you were absolutely furious about it!

You quickly went out of your house after realizing that your mice are gone and checked the backyards and porches of a few of your neighbors whom you suspect would be the perpetrator of this. You were right, one of them did take it for the entire mice family that you take good care of so much is now inside a cage in his backyard! You were really enraged upon seeing this, but you kept your cool and you don't want any trouble, so the only way for this is to rescue the mice slowly and then get back home. But it's not going to be easy though, escape players, will you be able to take back what's yours before the thief finds-out you are in his backyard?

Forest Mice Escape is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game created by Games 2 Jolly.

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