Escape From Dream Villa Game

Escape From Dream Villa

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Michael found himself in a beautiful house but somehow, he was conscious of where he was really even though he knows he is in a dream for he feels lighter, it was a weird feeling but he let it play out though for the beauty of the house was really getting him and the comforts too. But it's not all good though, for in all actuality if Michael cannot escape the place, he would not be able to wake-up in the real world!

Michael just realized that when he tried the doors of the place, he couldn't open them and also he couldn't wake himself up! Michael just figured that out for he was kind of like the idea guy and constantly he looks for patterns of everything that's around him especially if there is a problem, for now that's what he thinks, if he can't escape the place he won't be able to wake-up. Escape players, Michael is actually having a hard-time in picking the lock of the place, maybe you have a way so he can solve this problem and finally wake-up?

Escape From Dream Villa is a brand new point and click indoor escape game released by Top 10 New Games!

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