Lake Mountain Escape (Fun Escape Games) Game

Lake Mountain Escape (Fun Escape Games)
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The mountains from the distance is really aesthetic to look at, the green forest just below it is complementing the white highest points of the place, and the blue sky just wraps it all up. That day, Roger who was a regular adventurer in the said forest located at the foot of the mountains decided he'll check-out a place which was somewhat a secret for a few had only gotten there. The said place is a small lake and it's like a bowl sitting on top of the mountains. Roger knows the way and after hours of traveling, he arrived.

Roger found the place even beautiful than before for he had been there once when he was a lot younger. After a while, he decided to leave for the sun will be setting soon but little did he know, getting down from there is as dangerous as coming up and it's really far than he remembers it! Roger had a hard-time getting himself out of the place for it seems like he is going in circles! What is up with this place now? Maybe he made a mistake and little did he know he kept doing it? Probably, but he needs to think straight now for he is wasting valuable time there. Escape players, come and join Roger here leave from the wilderness or he will be forced to stay a cold night there.

Lake Mountain Escape is a brand new point and click wilderness escape game from Fun Escape Games.

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