Spacious Guest Room Escape Game

Spacious Guest Room Escape

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Earl was currently on vacation but there was a problem with the place he was suppose to stay in and he had to move to a new one in just a short amount of time! Luckily he was provided with a new place to stay and that's in a vintage-looking home, well at least the place is good and it cannot be helped if a bump is on the way, at least the place was very close to luxurious and it already had everything he needs. After a few hours, Earl totally forgot about the prior problem and he settled in comfortably in the guest room he was brought into, but another problem came to be and that absolutely reminded him of everything!

Earl just wanted to peek outside the room but unfortunately he couldn't for the doors seems to be jammed! At first Earl thought it was him and he just doesn't know how to operate the door, but it got ridiculous after a while though and he is starting to think it's not him. Well obviously it's not and now he is left with this weird problem here which he needs to solve now. Escape players, how will you solve something like this if you are faced with the same problem as Earl's? Place yourself on his shoes then and see if you can get this one done quickly.

Spacious Guest Room Escape is a brand new point and click indoor escape game from Ekey Games.

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