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Rescue The Cute Girl

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There was this girl in the village which everybody was trying to look for because she had went missing a few days ago and now she is still nowhere to be found. Everybody in the village is getting worried for they know each other there and also have concerns for there own safety, what if they are next if this has something to do with things that are not fate's doing? That's why people have been sent for the search in the nearby forest and one of them was Donnie who was a villager also but in the next one over.

Donnie offered to help for they needed all of such that they can get for after all, who would help each other but them only. Donnie went further into the wilderness for that day he planned to collect produce in the place and at the same time look for the girl too. In his mind he knows there are 50 50 chances he'll find the missing girl there or not at all but in his mind, it's more likely that he wouldn't. But not everybody has a gift of fortune-telling though, for Donnie found the girl accidentally! Well for now she isn't in the best shape for at the moment, she is inside some contraption which Donnie had never seen before and she is trapped in there. Of course Donnie will rescue her but first he needs to tinker with that thing that's locking her in, because he can't get help from his fellow searchers at the moment, he is going to need a hand escape players!

Come and check this rescue here everyone, see to it that you can rescue the girl with Donnie here. Rescue The Cute Girl is the newest point and click rescue escape game from Top 10 New Games.

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