Colorful Rainbow House Escape Game

Colorful Rainbow House Escape

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There is a very strong rumor that the jolly-looking house which was covered in different colors from the rainbow, has a ghostly secret and that's why people tends to stay away from it. One day, Rowan went there even though his friends tried to stop him for the place is really not to be mess with, but his curiosity was above him and he thought he might not get scared for the place doesn't really look old and abandoned, and so he is off to discoveries still unknown to him but soon it will turn-around to his dislikes though.

Rowan enters the house and nothing seems to be going-on at first, just a normal place which was once a home of a normal family, Rowan even thought deeply why would people move away from such a place? Because of the things happening there according to the stories? That doesn't seem true though, Rowan pondered. But then something happened and that really made him shift to flight mood! Rowan did not see anything paranormal, but he experienced it in the form of being trapped in the place for the doors would not open even though he tried hard! Now he can't escape from there and he needs help quickly. Escape players, Rowan might pass-out there for he is breathing heavily due to the situation, will you help him escape while he is still conscious and able to navigate?

Colorful Rainbow House Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game created by WoW Escape.

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