Spa Girl Escape Game

Spa Girl Escape

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Denise invited her friend to her routine spa day so that their stresses can be washed away and they can be relieved, that's great timing too though for when Denise arrived at her friend's house, she discovered that her friend was in some trouble and it was a great stress indeed! Her friend was trapped in her own room there and it's a good thing Denise came for she doesn't have help at the moment but obviously only her! Denise doesn't know if she can do this, for she is really the non-rescuer kind, but her friend needs help here and that's why she has to try.

Escape players, Denise here needs to get her friend out of the room where she is trapped and quickly now for she might be hurt there and Denise doesn't know yet. Will you lend Denise a hand here so she can help her friend quickly? After this problem, then that spa time will definitely be needed for the both of them.

Come and test your skills here everyone, make use of the things you'll find and be quick! Spa Girl Escape is the newest point and click indoor rescue escape game from 8b Games.

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