Mystical Pumpkin Forest Escape Game

Mystical Pumpkin Forest Escape

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The land surrounding the small village where Sherwin lives have never been at rest especially when Halloween comes, for the ghostly things in the forest are really making themselves known and it's not swamp gas or anything, for those things are real enough to make people adjust so that they can live in the place more comfortably. Everybody was already planning to leave though, for there are greener pastures than where they are, but the transition should be slow so that people can adjust well. One day, Sherwin somehow doesn't want to leave for he was born in the place and he had already grown accustomed to the village, that's why he decided that day to discover at least a little of why the forest was haunted, maybe he can find a cure so that they won't have to move? But unfortunately he found something else and sadly it wasn't good at all.

Sherwin just realized he is now lost in the forest and because it was near Halloween, it was unfortunate for him for the place is starting to get active! Sherwin needs to focus now for even though he doesn't want to move from the area, he still wants to see the new place they were going to move into and that means escaping from this problem right-now! Escape players, want to help Sherwin here escape from the spookiness of the forest before he gets lost and never to be seen again?

Mystical Pumpkin Forest Escape is a brand new point and click scary wilderness escape game released by WoW Escape.

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