Small Hotel Room Escape Game

Small Hotel Room Escape

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You're on a trip and finding a small hotel building on the way to your destination, you decide to rest. Heading to the reception area, you're walking slowly because you're very tired. An old man welcomes you and hands you keys to a second floor room. Finally, after closing the room, you lay down on your bed  and fell asleep. However, a shadow lurking outside of your door did something to jam it. The next morning after showering, you want to get breakfast but when you're trying to turn the knob, it won't budge. You scream for help but no one came. You tried the phone but nobody is answering. Outside of the door you heard footsteps. Someone slips a note under and you picked it up to read. Someone issued you a challenge.

Small Hotel Room Escape is point and click room escape game by Ainars for Escape Fan. Solve puzzles to escape the room. Good Luck!

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