Trapped Hotel Escape Game

Trapped Hotel Escape

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You worked hard this week so you can have an amazing weekend at an amazing hotel. You've been looking forward to this day. Every time you encounter hardships in your work, you always remind yourself that there's still the end of the week. And then you'll feel better. You've seen this hotel advertised in many sights you visit. At first, you were not noticing it. But the more you see it, the more you appreciate the hotel and want to stay there. So you booked your very first stay here. It was quite pricey but if it'll offer you good services, then you'd never mind. The weekend came and you entered the hotel you've been dreaming about. It was as good and actually even better. The amenities were fabulous and you felt like a very important person. However, there was a commotion.

One of the visitors of the hotel had a nervous breakdown and shut the hotel from the outside. He might have been studying the hotel for a very long time for him to be able to do it. So now, you have to find a way to exit the hotel. It'll take a while before they figure out how to open and you can't wait that long. Play Trapped Hotel Escape room escape game by Games 2 Rule.

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