Slinky Dog Room Escape Game

Slinky Dog Room Escape

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The day before, Sonia went to that theme park and bought herself a slinky dog toy which is kind of trendy and decorative, but then that toy little did she know will cause a lot of trouble, even then Sonia wouldn't surely know if that problem really came from it. It all started a week later after that theme park visit, Sonia noticed that the slinky dog of hers is moving around the house and at first she just ignored it until it really became a problem. Sonia noticed that her doors could not be opened anymore and whenever she goes, the slinky follows!

Sonia only began to think that it seems to be the slinky toy that's doing this after a whole lot of things happened, and now she is having a hard-time trying to escape from her own home with a slinky toy that seems to be possessed! How really? Sonia bought that brand-new and there is no possible way it could be possessed, well maybe there is. Escape player, Sonia here needs to escape from her own house now before this gets worst, will you be able to help her by placing yourself on her situation? If so then try the best of your skills and escape from the house quickly!

Slinky Dog Room Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game created by WoW Escape.

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