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Diver Escape

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As a surfer, Brent wanted to do more things which he hadn't done before, one of which is diving and luckily he has a friend who was already a master to that. Brent asked him for a day when he can go to his friend and he can then teach him about diving, it was settled quickly until the very day came. Brent arrives at the house of his expert diver friend and everything is ready now for their holiday-like trip to the ocean. But there seems to be a problem though in the house and because his diver friend lives alone, he was happy that you came.

Brent's friend just got trapped in his own home and they were both mystified what happened, well that's because his friend doesn't know also what is going-on with his doors, it's good though that Brent is there and he can really expect that he will help him. Escape players, come and join on the rescue here for Brent's friend who was an expert diver, he is definitely not an expert in escape things and help he really needs. Find-out what's going-on and try your best to help Brent's diver friend.

Diver Escape is a brand new point and click house rescue escape game from 8b Games.

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