Skull Way Out Escape

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All of the land here is cursed as they say, for at times which is most of, people get lost in there and if they are ever found they become crazy! That’s why the forest here is considered cursed and people do not want to risk their safety there. Well except for Rodney that day for he entered the place that’s because he is feeling adventurous!

As to what happens to the other people there, he got lost and now his risk of being never found and become crazy are high. Escape players, Rodney is definitely in an adventure here now, but with a very high risk though. Will you help Rodney here escape the place? The clue is finding the skull there which was the only key to escape the forest and quickly before it gets dark.

Skull Way Out Escape is the latest point-and-click wilderness escape game made by Games 2 Rule. Explore the dark forest location and complete all puzzles to escape.

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Walkthrough video for Skull Way Out Escape

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