Ski Cabin Escape Game

Ski Cabin Escape

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Harrison woke-up and found himself in a warm cabin which was not even familiar to him. Harrison recalled his memories then about skiing along the slope on a mountain in the icy polar region when an avalanche occurred! After remembering that he quickly rose-up and tried to find his friends in the cabin, but they were nowhere to be found, in fact there was nobody in there, he just hopes his friends are okay for he is okay now. Harrison thought then maybe he can find some sort of sign or a landmark which can point where exactly he is? So he tried to get out but unfortunately, he couldn't!

Harrison is very confused now, for at first he doesn't know where he is, what happened to his friends, why there was nobody in the cabin with him, and now the doors are locked and he can't open them! Harrison is starting to panic and he thought to just abandon this house and find his friends or get to familiar ground but then he thought, he should thank this certain someone first who brought him to safety and that calmed him a bit. But he didn't like the part where the doors are locked on him though, he needs to get out of there and maybe just outside the house so he'll know where he is. Escape players, will you help Harrison get out of the house so he'll have some peace of mind and sense of direction?

Ski Cabin Escape is another new point and click indoor escape game made by Selfdefiant.

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