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Rescue The Fox

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There is a small village deep into the forest but people don't really live in there anymore, for the place is not very practical to live in for not only the nearest town for provisions is very far, land cannot be cultivated well in there for the trees are thick and big. It's going to take some time to clear an area for crops and by the time that happens, everybody would have starved to death. Still the place is there and it's a landmark for hunters and travelers in the forest. But they need to be careful though for there are traps in the area there for game.

That day as a hunter, Gunther went to the said area to check his trap and he is really looking forward for a deer or a rabbit, but none of which is there and it did capture something, unfortunately it wasn't even on his list of catches. Gunther caught a fox and by the looks of it, it had thrashed real hard and now the trap seems busted. Gunther tried to open it but it just won't, looks like he has some work on his hands here now and to make things worst, no catch for him. Well he'll check his other traps but for now this fox needs to return to its family. Escape players, will you help Gunther here so that the fox can run around free again?

Rescue The Fox is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game created by Top 10 New Games.

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